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The contributors, sponsors and supporters of the Blue Light Aware resource are keen to be as helpful as possible with any bona fide media enquiries. In this section you can access press releases, background details of the video production and high resolution images. If you would like access to clips from the video, or audio interviews with those involved, please email

Press Releases

19/05/2011: Blue Light Aware press release (click link to download the press release in Word format)


David Williams MBE FIRSO is Chief Executive of GEM Motoring Assist, whose Road Safety Charity is the main sponsor of the Blue Light Aware resource. GEM Motoring Assist is the UK’s leading driving-based road safety and breakdown recovery organisation, with around 70,000 members.

Tom Baker is Driver Training Manager for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. Tom has been the key link between the producers of the resource and the emergency services.

Sarah Tottle is Special Vehicles Manager at Volvo Car UK, responsible for the provision of Volvo vehicles for use by the emergency services in the UK.

James Luckhurst oversaw the content of the Blue Light Aware video. He also wrote and narrated the video script. He is editor of Good Motoring magazine and a director of Drive Smarter.

Andy Turner co-ordinated and managed the production of the Blue Light Aware video and website. He is the managing director of Drive Smarter.

Simon Macartney is Driving Standards Manager for South East Coast Ambulance.

Huw Simmons is a paramedic with South East Coast Ambulance.

Bill Dawson works for West Sussex Fire and Rescue’s Driver Training department.

Paul Archer is a serving firefighter with West Sussex Fire and Rescue. He also runs the organisation’s video unit.

John Lawson is a motorcyclist with Sussex Police.

Phil Badman is a member of Sussex Police’s Casualty Reduction Team.

Dave Brooks works for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue’s Driver Training department.

Brian Down is a paramedic with South Western Ambulance.

Mark Hanks is a technician with South Western Ambulance.

Pat Sharp works for Devon and Cornwall Police’s Driver Training unit.

Hamish Beeston directed the film and is the founder and creative director of Beeston Media.


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Filming Blue Light Aware


David Williams’ comment on what hopes GEM has for the BLA video and why he believes it’s a useful and necessary resource.

James Luckhurst puts questions from members of the public to emergency services personnel Jon Porter, Mary Chapman and Kevin Dell.