Video enjoys massive success in first week

Just one week after its release, the Blue Light Aware video has achieved more than 17,000 viewings. Not only that, but it is now also linked to from nearly 500 other websites.

Feedback left on the site has been very positive. The most recent comment comes from BGG Emergency Medical Services, who told us: We wholeheartedly support this initiative for making drivers aware of what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches. It has been needed by drivers for a long time and we applaud the companies and bodies concerned with both its concept financing and making.

“It is difficult enough these days driving safely and although having training for driving with blue lights gives an emergency driver a degree of greater knowledge and confidence; and does to some extent prepare that driver for the antics of road users who may be surprised to find an emergency vehicle coming towards them then panicking and causing an additional obstruction or hazard which often happens. Official publications (DSA, Highway Code) have in the past been quite vague in their advice to drivers, concerning what to when an emergency vehicle approaches. I hope this initiative will lead to better official published information and be made more prominent in future driving tests.

“Hats off to the guys that planned and made this film for making my life, my employees lives and those of all emergency drivers a little safer.”

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  1. Useful video – thanks.

    However, I believe it would have been/would be good to clarify the situation wrt to bus lanes. Questions surrounding whether or not to enter a bus lane when trying to assist an EV abound on the Internet.

    In your video you state that people may proceed through traffic lights if instructed by a police officer, but do not address the same point for bus lanes.

    There is confusing official advice about bus lanes in publication (e.g. – which says to enter bus lanes to assist)and as a video purporting to offer definitive advice on the subject I believe you need to be 100% clear on this. I realise that you may need to cover different legal positions in different parts of the country and therefore use the lowest common denominator but feel that this is not really good enough.

    I note also that the highway code (141) permits any vehicle to stop in a bus lane unless otherwise prohibited (i.e. it’s not the bus lane that the’s issue, it would be coincidental no-stopping restrictions).

    It would be useful to know if EVs are trained to use bus lanes or not (I’ve heard both). If they are not, then surely the law needs to be corrected if required to allow members of the public to use bus lanes when assisting an EV. I could add “where safe so to do” but this applies to everything of course.

    Stuart B.

    Comment by Stuart B.
    6 June 2011 at 10:47

  2. Very useful. As a driving instructor myself, I find teaching blue light situations a nightmare. You can talk the pupils through the situation, but rarely do they get to actually practice it.

    This will be very useful as a teaching aid – and I have even embedded it into my website in my Tutorial Pages. (not live get – but will be in the next few days).

    Thanks again – a great tool.

    Comment by Lindsay Burns
    13 June 2011 at 17:45

  3. Fantastic. Brilliant. As founder and chairman of an emergency transport service contracted to the NHS I whole heartedly support you in your efforts and applaude you for this remarkable production. This will be an invaluable training tool and we are delighted to link it to our website. This will save thousands of accidents and it is imperitive that the message gets out to the whole country. Well done.

    Comment by Daniel Lavery
    15 June 2011 at 13:18

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