Comments from Peter Rodger, Chief Examiner of the IAM

Loud sirens and flashing blue lights cause many motorists confusion, mainly because they are not routinely taught how to respond to them. Drivers generally have the best intentions, but sometimes inadvertently hold up emergency vehicle drivers further by trying to be helpful but taking the wrong action, or being uncertain about what to do and indecisive. This video fills a vital gap in driver’s knowledge, by giving them the confidence to act when approached by an emergency vehicle.

For emergency services time really does count and speeding up their progress does save lives. Watch the video and be prepared.

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  1. Have DSA made reacting to an emergency vehicle part of the simulator test? If not, maybe its worthy of inclusion? Incredible how many people simply stop without a thought for the emergency vehicle’s ability to pass; let alone pass safely.

    Comment by Stuart Homer
    25 May 2011 at 20:00

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